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I make original datasets available on this page.  Replication datasets are available as links on my research page or on DataVerse. 

Loss Probability

The LPR (loss probability) variable from Kayser & Lindstädt (2015) is available


as part of a small csv format dataset together with some ID variables, country code, party name, election date, etc. Theoretically, loss probability should have the greatest effect on incumbent behavior when the plurality party in parliament is holds the prime ministership and in parliamentary democracies.  We include dummy variables for each of the conditions.

More information about the variable is available in the article and in its online appendix.  Replication code and raw data for creating the LPR (loss probability) measure itself are available on DataVerse, but we suspect that most people will only want the variable.

How to cite: 

Kayser, Mark Andreas and René Lindstädt. 2015. A Cross-National Measure of Electoral Competitiveness. Political Analysis 23(2): 242-253. doi: 10.1093/pan/mpv001 :: pdf :: appendix

We hope to update this measure periodically.