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CLEA - Constituency-Level Elections Archive
NELDA - National Elections across Democracy and Autocracy
APSA-CP Dataset List
DPI - Database of Political Institutions
QOG Institute - Quality of Government Dataset
ERA - Election Results Archive (Binghamton)
ParlGov - Parliament and Government Composition Database
Election Resources on the Internet (Alvarez-Rivera)
APSA Democracy Audits & Governmental Indicators
PGDS - Party Govt Dataset (Woldendorp Keman Budge)
Election Passport (constituency-level election data)
Democracy Barometer
Unified Democracy Scores
(Angus) Maddison Project - Historical Growth & Pop Data
QED - Quality of Elections Database (Kelley)
Economic Policy Uncertainty
CWED - Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset (Scruggs)
CMP Policy Preferences (Benoit, Laver, Mikhaylov)
GHDx - Global Health Data Exchange
ERDDA -- European Government Coalition Data
PGDS -- Party Government and Position datasets (Woldendorp, Keman, Budge)
Party Government -- Extended WKB party government data (Seki & Williams)
GDELT -- Google Media Monitor for Social Data
EPR -- Ethnic Power Relations
EIP -- Electoral Integrity Project
Wahlrecht.de -- German election data
Macro Data Guide -- A collection of lots of datasets
IPOD -- Integrated Party Organization Dataset
CCS - Comparative Candidates Survey
US Election Atlas (Dave Leip)
Campaign effects in Germany (Schoen et al)
MIPD - Most important problem (US) dataset
Bundeswahlleiter (German election results)
ELPRG - Euroean and EU political data